In Which I Go On An Adventure And Accidentally Fall In Love With Tasmania – Part 1


Fresh Flowers at Salamanca Markets
RIse and shine, stretch and stir, its Saturday, the smell of freshly made coffee is an indication that this is going to be an amazing day!

If you are anything like me, from the moment I open my eyes on the first day of the weekend the possibilities seem endless and Monday seems to be distant speck on the horizon. I am so incredibly fortunate to be woken by the sounds of nature stirring, the stunning array of coloured birds that sing out “Good morning!” from the top of the massive fir pines that surround our house, the distant sound of the waterfall from the Charles Darwin Walk asking me to go and explore the world and have an adventure and the crisp filtered sunlight pouring through my window, blinding me.

I digress, but firstly I just want to say a massive thank you to all you wonderful people that have looked at my blog so far. It refreshing to not just be talking to myself. 🙂

Once upon a time (about 2 months ago) The Man With The Amazing Eyes and I decided to go on an adventure to a tiny place, in a rainforest, on an island at the end of the world. Tasmania.

It would take me hours to tell you about the whole trip, so I will only focus on one place we visited, namely the famous Salamanca Markets. Shopping and wine, my two favourite things.


Amazing Irish Buskers
Salamanca Markets, what an assault to the senses, admittedly I was feeling a little rough from the night before, (partaking to much wine and cheese in the land of milk and honey), so straight to Gypsy Rolls for a Breakfast Roll with Raspberry Chilli sauce. (I actually need a minutes silence for what was an amazing food moment) Food in hand, coffee in the other and plenty of cash, I conquered this amazing place. Mountains of freshly cut flowers spilling out into the walkway, the smell of  baked bread wafting through the stands, carts overflowing with myriads of jewel coloured produce and so many craft things to buy.

I was just the average guy wandering around the markets, but in my head I was a hungover Julia Child shopping at the Paris markets, cane shopping basket and all. 

Next time on The Wandering Gastronomist I’ll be taking on the culinary world of French food. 

Bye for now! 

Paul (esq.)

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