In Which impromptu Decision Finds Me in QLD For Long Weekend

  Life itself is the most amazing fairytale – Hans Christian Anderson

Weekender Bag purchase for europe trips
Imagine meandering country roads, incredible sunshine, happy laid back people and lush tropical weather. Mash it all together and you have QLD (North East Australia).

Out for a morming walk in Samford
I’m writing this in the stunning gardens on our friends farm who live in Samford, 20 minutes out of Brisbane, where the sunlight is filtering through the beautiful crisp dew drenched rainforest, the sound of the stream bubbling along and the farm animals announcing the start of a new day, it’s so easy to forget any problems when you are surrounded by such tranquillity.

Once upon a time (long before this blog post), the man with the amazing eyes and I were born and raised in this beautiful part of the world. It was a coincidence that we met in Sydney years later, but makes us both wanting to go back and visit family and friends whenever we can.

After sitting in an office all week we packed up our weekender bags and flew to Brisbane, (because why not?) where we picked up our hire car and headed straight up the coast to the northern hinterlands where the tropical rain forests are as old as earth itself. The towering Glass House Mountains provide a stunning vista to this setting (old dormant volcanoes which Captain James Cook spotted when he was discovering Australia. The sun was reflecting off them creating a glass effect. Hence the name).

The button stall at Eumundi Markets
First stop was the Eumundi Markets where we met up with some friends, and after gorging on fantastic fresh food from vendors, we ambled along checking out the wares and catching up on the news since last time we saw them. These markets have been around for a long time and only get more and more famous. From button stalls to leather good (yes I got an amazing leather weekender bag for my travels through Europe next year), clothing to art, these markets provide a myriad of sights and opportunity to spend money.

The Handcrafted Getman Clocks in Montville
Once we had exhausted our wallets, we headed off to Montville. Guys, IF you are ever in the Sunshine Coast please visit this Enchanted place that is so well known for its lush foliage and panoramic views. If you can imagine any Enid Blyton book in real life, you are basically thinking of Montville. The tiny little winding roads are complimented by hidden Victorian styled retail shops that begged to be explored. The German Clock shop leaves you mesmerized, (and slightly confused but the 200+ ticking clocks), the candle shop makes you want to buy all of them and the local art and craft shops reduce your credit card to a smoking rubble. Nearby is Mary Caincross Park, the Maleny cheese factory and Baroon Pocket Dam. I have been found guilty of visiting local produce stores then heading to the dam to watch the sun sink over the water while indulging on the incredible food and wine this area has to offer.

Must catch my flight, so Au Revoir for now!

Paul esq.

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