In Which Wedding Bells Toll & I Organise a Hen’s Weekend


The finished Hen’s weekend invitation

From the moment the word ‘yes’ is proclaimed amidst a onslaught of tears and emotion, the clock starts ticking on the countdown to the big day.
In January an amazing friend of mine called me to announce she was now bearing a solid glittering rock on her finger and her partner and her had decided to get married in October. 

Getting lost in white

Closely followed by the announcement was the question of whether I would be her ‘man-maid of honor’.
Outside of evoking images of tripping down the aisle, clothes not fitting, having too much Verve, or the car breaking down on the way, I happily accepted…..then started the work.

Part of the duties of accepting this is the organization of the Hen’s night/weekend which I took on with courage, trepidation and a phone.
Throwing out the plastic penis straws, old strippers and fake tiara’s was the first step, instead I focused on a weekend of elegance, sophistication and general fun. 

Obtaining a gorgeous French inspired house turned out to be easy enough, planning various pamper sessions, high tea moments and canapés I took in my stride, the only thing left to do was invitations.

The finished invitations
After much thought (mostly taken up in various board meetings) I came up with this simple and stunning invite.
Black and soft pink with tiny black ribbon bows and a Eiffel Tower pendant for each guest to wear, so pretty, feminine and generally setting the scene for the weekend.
To match the invitation, and additional card offering each guest a choice of pampering options was added and then placed into pink and black gift boxes filled with artfully arranged tissue paper completed the invite. To finish it off I tied each box up with meters of white chiffon ribbon completing the look I was aspiring for.


The final perfect detail
The only thing left to do now is enjoy the weeked filled with laughter, champagne, massages, delicate calorie laden finger food and of course friendship.


Stunning final result
Thanks for reading guys, I will keep you updated with my experiance of being in a bridal party. (aka being a man of leisure for a day).

Paul esq.

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2 thoughts on “In Which Wedding Bells Toll & I Organise a Hen’s Weekend

  1. What an absolutely wonderful man maid-of-honour you are! These invitations are the epitome of elegance and look stunningly SUBLIME. Kudos, monsieur. The weekend of French indulgence sounds amazing…Je veux m’enfuir avec toi.


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